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Why us

We're imaginative

We have combined at raditional film making approach with a fresh perspective on evolving digital mediums. Creating multi-platform content that is visually and narratively engaging is what we do best. We work across all platforms to engage the visual sense, always striving to create meaningful content and tell stories that inspire.

We're passionnate

Every shave, if done correctly, is a small work of art. And every piece of work that we produce is a chance to do something special. Our strengths make us perfectly suited to produce this project of videos for you.

We supports you

Our team of creatives, directors, producers, designers, video-graphers and post-production artists supports you in project from start to finish

We're experimented

We have a network of film and fashion talents in China, the United States, France, Germany and Japan to provide international services for your projects. We have rich experience in video production in France.

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